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NO Phone, NO TV, NO Hairdryer…..ahhhh PARADISE!

April 12th, 2009 · No Comments

The minute you step off the van, you leave it all behind. The hustle and bustle – the get it done yesterday feeling – the rush – the hurry it up. One week of sun, ocean, sand. Maybe a lizard or an iguana here and there, but they don’t bother you because they GET IT! Easy does it. The chance to really take care of your SELF! A week on retreat with Yoga Schelter at Maya Tulum in Mexico. A few times I thought, “what took me so long to find this?” No TV, no phones, no news, no distractions…..your room is a cabana (hut) with a thatched roof. The night sky is so black that the stars seem close enough to pluck and hold to your heart.

Ten months ago, while photographing a wedding at the Morris Arboretum in Chestnut Hill PA, I picked up a brochure with classes that the Arboretum gives throughout the year. The first page I opened to was YOGA In The Garden. Humm….sounds nice. Maybe I’ll give it a shot since I had been thinking about trying yoga anyway. I went to the first class, nervous as could be, thinking, “ I don’t know anything about yoga, everyone will be really good at it and what if I can’t do it right”. WRONG thinking! When you meet Jennifer Schelter (Executive Director of Yoga Schelter in East Falls), you can’t help but feel invited into her world….a world of peace, love and compassion. She is more than a yoga teacher….she is a LIFE teacher. Her spirituality draws you in….nothing fake about her…..she loves what she does, and lives it! After my enchanted summer in the garden, I made the decision to stick with yoga and take classes at Jennifer’s studio in East Falls. I kept seeing information flyers around the studio about a “retreat” in Mexico. Growing up Catholic, I only knew “retreat” as being intense religious study and prayer for a day, weekend, or week so I couldn’t imagine the word retreat being anything else but that.

After inquiring many times to Pamela (who is a yoga instructor at the studio) about, “what is this retreat?…what goes on?….tell me more……” I started to become intrigued by what I was hearing. “This was what I needed.” So, on March 21, 2009, I headed for Maya Tulum, Mexico on the most important journey of my life. You can’t help but wake up at the crack of dawn to run/walk on the beach. If you should pass a retreat mate along the way, a simple respectful nod in silence is appropriate so as not to break your prayer, mantra, or whatever spiritual practice your heart is feeling that day. At 6:00 am you could attend a sacred tea ceremony on the beach lead by Pamela. Meditation with Jennifer (in the yoga hall and on the beach) got your mind focused and grounded. After a wonderful breakfast ( all the food was healthy and delicious), Jennifer and Pamela held yoga classes. Early afternoon was the best time for that Holistic Massage, or one of the many massages offered at the spa. In the late afternoon, all hell broke loose, literally, when Ann Randolph, writer/performer, lead the group in improv and writing. She is outrageous and funny and it scares me to read her website and realize how very fortunate I was to have spent a week in her presence.

The week flew by and before I knew it, I was on the plane and back to reality. Or maybe not. I’ve learned that you don’t have to come back to the same old, same old. Create something new….create what you want. Since being back I’ve been certified as a Reiki practitioner. I can live without the phone. I can live without the TV. The hairdryer….not so sure yet about living without that. But what I do know is that I owe an awful lot to Jennifer, Pamela and Ann. Can’t wait for the retreat next year to see what’s next, what’s next, what’s next. And if you’re thinking about trying yoga, Yoga Schelter is the place you want to be…they give you the greatest stuff on earth! Yoga. Meditation. Writing. Thank you!

by Dori Costello

dsc 00323 200x300 NO Phone, NO TV, NO Hairdryer.....ahhhh PARADISE!

dsc 00852 300x200 NO Phone, NO TV, NO Hairdryer.....ahhhh PARADISE!

dsc 00833 200x300 NO Phone, NO TV, NO Hairdryer.....ahhhh PARADISE!

dsc 0012 300x200 NO Phone, NO TV, NO Hairdryer.....ahhhh PARADISE!

dsc 0192 200x300 NO Phone, NO TV, NO Hairdryer.....ahhhh PARADISE!

dsc 0138 300x200 NO Phone, NO TV, NO Hairdryer.....ahhhh PARADISE!

Jill and Nick

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